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Financial Crises and How Quickly We Forget

Alex Pollock, former President and CEO of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago and fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, discusses the cyclical nature of financial crises and how legislative solutions claiming to “fix the problem forever” only perpetuate the next crisis.

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Are Americans Maxing Out?

Todd Zywicki, law professor at George Mason University and co-author of the recently published Consumer Credit and The American Economy, discusses misconceptions about Americans’ overuse of credit and how regulations meant to guard against abuse by creditors hurt consumers.

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Organic Biotech

Pamela Ronald, University of California, Davis Professor of Plant Pathology and author of Tomorrow's Table, talks about the many uses of genetic modifications of plants. Genetically modified foods today are saving lives in developing countries with vitamin enrichment, flood, and insect resistance—complementing, rather than replacing organic farming practices.

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Saving the Farm, Fighting Red Tape

Martha Boneta, an organic farmer from Paris, Virginia, ​tells how zoning regulators and local elected officials turned her idyllic dream into a long-running bureaucratic nightmare, after they shut her down for … throwing a birthday party for 10-year-olds. After more than a year in court, she's emerged successful with the bipartisan Boneta Bill, which encourages sustainable small family farming, passing in both house of the Virginia legislature.

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From YALcon14—A Revolution of Ideas

Jeff Frazee, founder of Young Americans for Liberty—the fastest growing political activist group on campus, talks about his introduction to libertarianism in college, his job and affinity for Ron Paul, and how he started YAL with little other than Dr. Paul’s endorsement.

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From YALcon14—The New Enlightenment

Jeffrey Tucker, Chief Liberty Officer of Liberty.me, talks with enthusiasm about the modern era—highlighting the digital revolution’s crypto-currencies, cloud communities, and access to knowledge.

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Obamacare and the Imperial Presidency

Sam Kazman, General Counsel of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, highlights the two recent circuit court decisions in Obamacare cases regarding the insurance exchange subsidies. He discusses implications of the conflicting rulings and the possibility of the Supreme Court’s involvement in deciding the fate of Obamacare.

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The Unintended Imperial Presidency

Frank Buckley, author of The Once and Future King: The Rise of Crown Government in America, discusses numerous virtues of the parliamentary system and how the Founders intended Congress to more closely reflect that system. However, instead of the legislative as the dominant branch of government, increasing executive overreach seems to be the pattern of recent presidencies.

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Film Freedom, Startup Success

John Papola, CEO of Emergent Order, producer of the acclaimed “Keynes vs. Hayek” rap videos, and creator of the anti-corporate welfare Web cartoon series “The Kronies,” discusses his journey from cable programming at Spike TV to independent filmmaking and how he has integrated his passion for economics into film with success.

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Film Freedom, Narrative, and Impact

Michael Pack, President of Manifold Productions and a former Senior Vice President of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, discusses the power of narrative and relates examples from his latest films,  including the launch of the Nautilus, the first nuclear submarine, and how George Washington’s charisma helped define his presidency and his impact on our new nation.

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From Beirut—On the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Dr. Alain Hakim, Lebanon’s Minister of Economy and Trade, compares the country’s Palestinian refugee crisis of the 1960s and its lasting effects to its Syrian refugee population today and offers proposals for reform.

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From Beirut—Lebanon as Fault Line

Ghassan Moukheiber, Lebanese Member of Parliament, describes Lebanon’s complex history of conflict and 15 years of evolving civil war. Considered a confederated pluralist democracy along confessional religious lines, Lebanon continues to struggle to balance its tradition of theocracy and secularist constitutional framework.

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Bad Science—Increasing Retractions Mark Misconduct

Ivan Oransky, co-founder of the academic watchdog Retraction Watch, professor of medical journalism at New York University, and global editorial director of the medical news site MedPage Today, discusses the trend of increasing fraud, falsification, and plagiarism in the scientific community and the disincentives to retracting bad science reporting.

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Bad Medicine—Conflict of Interest Mania

Tom Stossel, MD, Director of Translational Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and American Cancer Society Professor of Medicine, talks about the artificial, government-driven divide between academics and the medical and drug industries, enforced by the threat of prosecutorial extortion and debarment.

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Raising Barriers to Education

Tom Leppert, former mayor of Dallas and CEO of Kaplan Inc., discusses Kaplan’s career colleges, how they serve largely at-risk communities, and their success rates with graduation and career placement compared to those of traditional institutions. Leppert discusses why proposed rules like the Department of Education’s gainful employment regulation unfairly target for-profit schools and will eliminate access to education for those in greatest need.

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Practicing and Preaching Technological Innovation

Bob Metcalfe, University of Texas at Austin Professor of Innovation and Murchison Fellow of Free Enterprise, provides his take on the classic success story of the Internet since its birth in 1969. Metcalfe discusses his contributions in founding 3Com and inventing the Ethernet, his enduring love of startups, and his commitment to help Austin surpass Silicon Valley.

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Rocking Rose-Colored Glasses

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery (“Kennedy”), host of The Independents on Fox Business and former Los Angeles radio disc jockey and MTV VJ, shares stories about her colorful media career, her out-of-sync politics, and journey of self-discovery.

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On the Ultimate Resource

John Tierney, longtime New York Times columnist, science writer, co-author of Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, and winner of the 2014 Julian L. Simon Memorial Award, discusses how his mentor, the prize’s famous humanist and namesake, inspired his career path to challenge the preachers of doom’s stranglehold on popular media.

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Norwegian Air: Fighting Congress for Customers and Affordable Transatlantic Travel

Bjorn Kjos, CEO of Norwegian Air, recounts how since he took over the near bankrupt airline, essentially by happenstance, two decades ago, and how the company has grown into a competitive global fleet carrier. Kjos, who prioritizes customers and efficiency, has proposed offering flights between the U.S. and Europe for under $500, but has been stalled by pushback from unions and Congress.

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Uber: The New Transportation Technology Everybody Loves. . . Except Politicians

Rachel Holt, Regional General Manager for Uber East Coast, tells the ride sharing company’s story from its early days in 2010. She notes that while Uber’s transportation model has been met with overwhelming support from both customers and drivers, politicians continue to respond to the interests of outmoded taxi cartels.

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Liberaltarians Unite!

Brink Lindsey, Vice President for Research at Cato Institute, comments on the prospect and viability of Ralph Nader’s recent push for a transpartisan coalition to combat crony capitalism. Lindsey finds the problem of unchecked power a strong unifying force and, while he points out some major differences, commends Nader’s efforts to fuse an outsider insurgency of progressives and libertarians.

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Forging a Transpartisan Anti-Cronyist Alliance

Ralph Nader, former Presidential candidate and longtime consumer advocate, discusses his new book, Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State, in which he calls for progressives, conservatives, and libertarians to unite against what he perceives as a common enemy: Washington’s culture of rent-seeking. While continuing his push against corporate power, Nader finds existing points of agreement across the political spectrum.

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On Reform—from Prohibition to Labor to Immigration

Linda Chavez, author, activist, columnist, radio talk show host, and founder of the Center for Equal Opportunity and the Becoming American Institute, discusses her storied career—including serving in the Reagan White House—and her experience with the changing political landscape, from labor unions to immigration.

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The Historical & Modern Divide of Feminism

Christina Hoff Sommers, former philosophy professor and host of the video blog, The Factual Feminist, recounts the rivalrous history of the feminist movement—from Mary Wollstonecraft’s egalitarian feminism and Hannah More’s maternal feminism to Betty Friedan’s Feminine Mystique and Phyllis Schlafly’s opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment. She advocates for transcending those rivalries in favor of a modern coalition of forces.

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On Innovation—Defending Innovation on the Political Battlefield

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), recounts some of the political and legal struggles over technology policy he’s fought during his 30-year career at CEA—from the “Magna Carta” decision affirming the legality of VCRs to today’s innovation wars over copyright, net neutrality, and spectrum allocation.

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On Innovation—How Information Technology was Born Free and Why It Should Remain So

Adam Thierer, author of Permissionless Innovation, posits that America’s success in technological progress—and the best path forward—lies in allowing experimentation, rather than curtailing it for fear of risk, otherwise known as the Precautionary Principle.

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Runaway Government—The Spectacle of Homeland Security’s Raid on Gibson Guitar

Henry Juszkiewicz, President of Gibson Guitar since 1986, discusses how he turned around the iconic guitar company and his response to the federal government’s surprise armed raid, nearly destroying Gibson’s business and landing him in jail on the pretext of alleged technical import violations.

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Runaway Government—How Prosecutorial Overreach Runs Roughshod over Civil Liberties

Harvey Silverglate, Boston lawyer, activist, civil liberties advocate, and author of Three Felonies a Day, warns against the increase in federal criminal prosecutions and the risk of being railroaded into plea-bargained guilty pleas under vague and selectively enforced laws. (Photo by: Elsa Dorfman)

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Culture Is Key to Companies’ Enduring Success

Rich Karlgaard, Publisher of Forbes Magazine, Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and author of the recently published book, The Soft Edge: Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success, discusses the consistent formula of skills, values, and culture practiced by successful companies.

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Helicopter Parents or Free-Range Kids?

Lenore Skenazy, dubbed “the world’s worst mom” and author of the book and website Free-Range Kids, discusses our culture’s obsession with risk, our tendency to “dangerize” everything, and the perils of overprotection.

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New Approach to the War on Poverty

Bob Woodson, founder and president of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise and “godfather” of the local investment and neighborhood empowerment movement, discusses why the War on Poverty has failed and which solutions to poverty actually work. ‎

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Taxing Californians into Poverty

James Lacy, author of Taxifornia, hopes to encourage reform in his home state of California and other states in danger of bankruptcy due to unfunded public employee pension liabilities. Lacy attributes the ever rising tax burden to one-party rule enabled by union political donations.

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A Comprehensive Look at the Hidden Tax of Regulation

Wayne Crews, Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and author of the recently released 21st edition of Ten Thousand Commandments, CEI’s annual snapshot of the federal regulatory state, discusses his latest findings on the cost of regulations, which are often unbudgeted and untracked.

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Curtailing Regulations to Encourage Innovation

Michael Mandel, chief economic strategist at the Progressive Policy Institute, discusses his proposal for a Regulatory Improvement Commission, which was recently introduced in the Senate. Modeled on the old base closing commissions, it would annually comb the Code of Federal Regulations and propose rules for repeal.

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Revitalizing and Capitalizing in Vietnam

Venture Capitalist and General Partner at Foundation Medical Partners Michael Greeley walks through the entrepreneurial fervor in bustling Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He cites both the growing popularity of American cultural exports and the prospects for salvaging the country’s health care market.

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Insights from a Modern Investment Doyenne

Esther Dyson, former chairman of ICANN among many other accomplishments, relays her thoughts about the effects of the U.S. relinquishing control of the Internet and lays out her latest project: HICCup, a community-cultivated wellness program.

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One-Size-Fits-All Education—Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders for Community College

Jim Stergios, president of Boston’s Pioneer Institute, compares the high standards of Massachusetts’ charter schools with the proposed national Common Core standards. He also discusses how a compliance-focused regime has promoted Common Core despite its lack of legislative support.

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The Power of Learning from Failure—An American Success Story

Megan McArdle, journalist and author of The Up Side of Down, explains how preparing for and learning and moving on from failure are not only instrumental in achieving success, but part of the American character.  She illustrates with examples from George Washington and Mark Twain to Solyndra and GM.

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Tax Day Special- The Tax Pledge of Allegiance

Grover Norquist, founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform, discusses his experiences growing up in Massachusetts and how it helped propel him to fight for lower taxes for all Americans, how citizens enforce his organization’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge, and what we can expect during the remainder of the Obama presidency.

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Tax Day Special- Solve Inequality: Tax the Rich

Robert Reich, University of California, Berkeley Professor and former Secretary of Labor, discusses his experiences growing up and in college and makes the case against tax cuts, which he blames for greater income inequality—a problem he claims can be addressed through tax hikes on the rich.

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A Moral Defense of Capitalism

Devout humanist, Catholic priest, and social justice advocate Father Robert Sirico, president of the Acton Institute, discusses his personal philosophical journey and the commonalities binding together Western civilization, the Christian tradition, and modern economic policy.

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The Evolution of Obamacare

Cato Institute health policy expert Michael Cannon discusses how—and why—Obamacare continues to  metamorphose at the administration’s whim, and how the resulting inconsistencies led to one of the most important challenges to the law, Halbig v. Sebelius.

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The Measure of Human Achievement

Marian Tupy, editor of HumanProgress.org and Senior Policy Analyst at the Cato Institute, introduces this new website, which culls the best resources on development, health, and progress—and illustrates the massive improvements in our global economic, social, and cultural situation, despite the doomsayers’ drumbeat.

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Why We Should Be Optimistic About the Future: Human Achievement

Matt Ridley, author of The Rational Optimist, recounts the long, flawed history of pessimistic predictions and invites us to examine the facts behind our inexorable march of progress. To illustrate, he describes how agriculture is supporting our growing population at an ever lower cost to the environment. As a result, human well-being and life expectancy are improving at rates previously unimaginable, notwithstanding man-made disasters like biofuel policy.

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The Miraculous Growth of Dubai

Sameer Al Ansari, a chartered accountant and former CFO for the Executive Office of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and one of the few Dubai immigrants to receive UAE citizenship, discusses the history and his experience with the development of the financial center in the desert.

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A Glimpse Into a Basic Building Block of Dubai

Walid Daniel, Managing Director of SPAN-Group, a driving force in Dubai’s growth, discusses why he came to Dubai from Lebanon to start a warehouse services and management firm, recounting some of the many ways Dubai’s enlightened economic and regulatory policies have encouraged growth.

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Private Company Enables Widespread Government Transparency

Zac Bookman, Co-founder and CEO of OpenGov, explains how his citizen-friendly web platform is making government budgets, tax, and spending data accessible online, and why politicians and municipal managers are taking to it eagerly.

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On Glamour and What It’s Like to Live in a Free and Commercial Society

Virginia Postrel, author of The Power of Glamour, delves into the meaning, history, prevalence, illusion, and influence of glamour on society—both historically and today.

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Breaking the Mold—A Practical Alternative to College

Isaac Morehouse, founder of Praxis, a recently launched educational program for entrepreneurial young adults, discusses his firm’s novel approach, which combines a real-world education working for a start-up with an intensive online curriculum that can either complement or be an alternative for college.

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Education Entrepreneur is Remaking Education at All Levels

Jeff Sandefer, co-founder of Acton Academy, explains how his academy’s Socratic teaching methods are empowering students to take charge of their own education, giving them the tools to learn to do, learn to be, and learn to know.

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Lessons for Business School Millennials from Real World Experience

Dean Neeli Bendapudi of the University of Kansas School of Business discusses how and why KU partners with businesses around the world to provide hands-on lessons and training.

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New Economic Era Demands Response from Millennial Generation

Bentley University President Gloria Larson introduces the PreparedU project at Bentley University in Massachusetts, a program developed in response to the global economic crisis and the new challenges Millennials are facing.

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Think Tank Economist's Hopes for Change

Stephen Moore, formerly a member of The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board joined the Heritage Foundation as Chief Economist last month. He talks about his hopes for effecting policy change in Washington and the issues he will be tackling in his new capacity.

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Why Society Is Better Off Tolerating Rather than Prohibiting Offensive Speech

Jonathan Rauch, author of Kindly Inquisitors, a seminal work on free speech and a persuasive response to political correctness, discusses why a free and liberal society does well to encourage disagreement.

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Customer Demands for Bitcoin Heard

TigerDirect, the online computer giant, is the latest retailer to accept Bitcoin.  Director of Corporate Marketing Steven Leeds tells how TigerDirect expects to reap the benefits of this leading edge exchange technology.

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Beyond Bitcoin: Will the future of e-currency be backed by gold?

Former founder of E-Gold, Doug Jackson discusses past examples of private money and why he thinks Bitcoin will be surpassed by 100% gold reserve backed digital currency.

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LEAP Zones—Rezoning for Prosperity

Michael Strong, a pioneer in education and learning, chief visionary officer of Freedom Lights Our World (FLOW), and Chairman of Elevator Cities Development, Inc., tells how the LEAP Zones (legal, economic, administrative and political jurisdictions) in Honduras will allow impoverished areas to turn themselves into thriving commercial communities.

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Courting Citizen Satisfaction, Averting Municipal Bankruptcy

Oliver Porter, a principal at PPP Associates and author of The Contract City, discusses the latest revolution in municipal government. Hear how American states are adopting Contract Cities, a new way of doing government business that has seen successful in Georgia and Japan.

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The End of Privacy – Is the Government Destroying Trust?

Entrepreneur and lawyer, Wayne Bennett on the history, prevalence and cost of government demands that corporations violate their customers’ privacy.

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Self Help Africa: Why only profits can cure poverty

Entrepreneur, Will Galvin, Head of US Operations of Self Help Africa discusses how his unique aid business model invests in and leverages community strength to foster development across Africa.

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Drones Are More Than Murder

Jonathan Downey is the co-founder and CEO of Airware, a startup that develops platforms and operating systems for unmanned commercial aircraft. In this segment, he lays out an exciting future for drones well beyond military applications, as well as the prospects for US adoption of enabling regulations.

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On Washington promoting and stifling progress

George Mason Professor of Law and Economics, Tom Hazlett  on how the relics of the last century's regulations persist today and impact technology innovation and commerce.

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Manipulating the Economy – Is the U.S. any less guilty than China?

Editor and Economic Advisor, John Tamny on the benefits of free trade and the relationship between exploitation, inequality, and progress.

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80 years later, still working to recover from Prohibition

Fellow in Consumer Policy Studies Michelle Minton talks about the alcohol industry's struggle to repeal far-outdated Prohibition era laws. The latest opportunity was proposed by Rep. Tobash (R, Pennsylvania) earlier this year, freeing brewers from lifetime distribution contracts and encouraging competition.

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau--nudging today, shoving tomorrow?

Professor of Law Todd Zywicki discusses the unprecedented power granted the CFPB, and how they're employing a new wave of paternalism to restrict consumer spending, borrowing, and saving choices.

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Serial entrepreneur goes from perfecting the Pap smear to an autism blood test

Stan Lapidus recalls his early work bringing engineering to life science now being applied at SynapDx to developing to  an early stage blood test to diagnose autism.

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